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Book Reviews A Really Super Hero

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A Really Super Hero

A Really Super Hero is a fun filled picture book which oozes charm. Charlotte Lance's rhyming text is sure to bring out a smile or two.

With a four lined stanza rocking each page our little narrator is quite determined to be a hero, a super hero if you don't mind. Especially now that

'my mum has sewed my undies

with an S upon the bum.'

Too funny, especially as the facing page reveals mum didn't quite get the 's' straight, (I think we come from the same school of sewing!)

... and so the tone is set with our little narrator declaring her ambitious plans for her stint as a really super hero. She'll be using her mind powers and mixing potions, flying high and catching crooks.

Well, at least, that's the plan.

Things don't go quite according to her wishes - a failed flight to the shops, setting off the smoke alarm during potion mixing and despite all her best efforts the bread did not toast itself,

'it's sort of a surprise'

I love the illustrations. Lance's lightly drawn pencil illustrations are quirky and fun, I love how she has set them against the crisp white background. And that patient weary looking mum? She has to be my favourite character!

A Really Super Hero is gorgeous light hearted fun, perfect for would-be super heros everywhere!

Enjoy our interview with the author & illustrator, Charlotte Lance by clicking here.

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I want to be a hero and a really super one, so my mum sewed my undies with an S upon the bum.
Sometimes superheroes get everything right and effortlessly save the world, and sometimes ... they don't.
A wonderfully warm and funny celebration of imagination, play, and the importance of having a good sidekick.

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