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Book Reviews All Monkeys Love Bananas

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All Monkeys Love Bananas

All Monkeys Love Bananas is a fun-filled, witty picture book from Sean Avery.

Everybody knows that monkeys adore bananas - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mean, what else would they be eating?

Imagine the shock waves that emerge when one young monkey 'young Lou McGrew' decides that, quite frankly, he's really and truly had enough of the yellow fruit. Totally. Forever.

Lou McGrew meets a rabbit named Sue Hopoloo - don't you just love those character names?! Well, Sue has her own grumbles within the food department. Together they reach a very satisfying conclusion.

All Monkeys Love Bananas conversational style is just perfect. Relaxed, and with brilliant language choices, Sean Avery speaks the perfect language for his little readers.

Sean Avery's picture book is brimming with dialogue that is sure to raise a few giggles.

Avery's illustrations convey his humour with a stylish twist. His characters are literally well drawn, each one exuding personality.

All Monkeys Love Bananas comes VERY highly recommended, it will make a great present. To make a purchase click on the prices above.

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All monkeys love bananas! For breakfast for dinner for snacks and for lunch they all crave bananas, munch, munch, munch. Well, maybe not all monkeys …
A very funny picture book about one poor monkey who can’t stand to see another banana.

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