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Book Reviews Two Little Bugs

Two Little Bugs Hot

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Two Little Bugs

Two Little Bugs has attracted a catalogue of impressive awards. Just one glimpse at that cover is enough to tell any savvy reader that is this is going to be an endearing picture book.

Two Little Bugs, with its wonderfully thick pages, imparts a story of friendship and bravery ... and it all begins with a leaf.

Little Bug Blue is sitting under a leaf, under a tree. It's cool, dark and cold. He'd really like to see the world from above the leaf, and sit with his friend Little Bug Red in the wonderful sunshine.

Something is holding him back. Little doubts and little fears, big enough to stop him stepping up through the hole. Little Bug Red brushes them off ... and continues to munch on a leaf. Avid readers will quickly begin to pick up on the direction this is going. The quirkily shaped pages, and emergence of little holes engage young readers wonderfully as the story develops in such a delicately visual way.

Two Little Bugs is a picture book with a difference; a beautiful storyline, and imaginatively crafted illustrations bring pure delight to its readers.

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Little Blue Bug has a wish. Little Red Bug has an appetite. Together they find out there's more than one way to find your wings.

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Two Little Bugs 2013-04-05 05:46:45 JodieMcA
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by JodieMcA    April 05, 2013

Love bugs

This book is great for enticing the reader who might need even more than savvy word use and gorgeous illustrations to keep them on task. With the clever, creative and beautifully coordinated addition of cut outs, peekaboos and snippets, this book is a low-tech iPad replacement. The story gracefully tells of how we can and should rely on each other to bring out the best in ourselves. Love it!

Owner's reply

I LOVE your reviews Jodie, always full of enthusiasm and insight. Thankyou!!

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