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Book Reviews Dog Loves Drawing

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Dog Loves Drawing

Dog Loves Drawing, the follow up to the award winning Dog Loves Books, is a clever little picture book which delights young readers immensely.

Dog's adoration for books is firmly established, however, when he receives a parcel containing a book with NO words and NO pictures ... he is more than a little confused. This is not what he is used to. The little inscription from Aunt Dora answers his confusion; armed with pens, pencils and brushes dog literally draws a door to a whole new world in his wonderful new sketch book.

As dog gets more and more carried away, his sketches come to life with characters such as owl, duck and stickman. Throw in a steam train, a monster, a huge pile of sandwiches and an enormous cake and a very clever little adventure unfolds ... all with the use of dog's imagination.

Louise Yate's narrative has a lively, jaunty feel with a perfect twinkling of humour. The role of dog in creating the adventure is a sure fire way to involve listeners in the progress, and prediction, of the storyline.

Yate's hand drawn illustrations are set against the brilliant white background of the sketch book. Both realistic and quirky, they are sure to help inspire budding artists. With plenty to observe on every page, this is a picture book which demands to be read again and again.

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Dog loves books, but one day he receives a strange one in the post – it's blank! Soon, Dog realises that this book is not for reading, but for drawing, and before long Dog is doodling and drawing himself into a new world, full of friends and surprises.

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