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Just recently we reviewed Anna Walker's Today We Have No Plans. Two Anna Walker books in one month? This really is a great month for new children's literature!

Welcome to the world of Peggy, adorned by Anna Walker's signature watercolour illustrations which always lift our spirits!

Peggy lives in a little house, and lives ... well ... a quiet, happy life. One particularly blustery day sees poor Peggy quite literally swept off her tiny chicken feet .. and in to what is definitely not a quiet little street.

Landing with a 'soft thud' in the middle of the city, Peggy takes it all in her stride and marvels at all the new sights and sounds. When she spots someone carrying a glimpse of home - in the shape of a glorious sunflower - Peggy is on the trail, hoping to return home ...

'Peggy watched, hopped, jumped, twirled and tasted.'

The narrative behind Peggy has a gentle, almost serene calmness to it making Peggy a perfect bedtime choice. The muted palette conveys the city scape perfectly. We particularly loved those pages filled with polaroid styled images to convey Peggy's activities across a single day.

Leave your comments after watching that beautiful trailer below.

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Peggy lives in a small house in a quiet street. One blustery day a big gust of wind sweeps down and scoops up leaves, twigs and...Peggy! The wind blows Peggy into the city, where she discovers strange new things, but how will she find her way back home?

Nitty Gritty


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Peggy 2013-01-07 00:42:00 Jodie McAlister
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Jodie McAlister    January 07, 2013

A work of art in a dust cover!

Peggy is a lovely story but to be honest I would still love it if there was not a single word in the book. The joy of this gorgeous creation is the beautiful watercolour illustrations of Anna Walker - each one worthy of framing as a work of art. The art work tells this story and will be treasured long after the words are forgotten - LOVE Anna Walker's work!

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