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Book Reviews The Grunts In Trouble

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The Grunts In Trouble

The Grunts in Trouble is an awesome portrayal of family that is very different.  Sunny is the 'son' of Mr and Mrs Grunt. Mr Grunt found him hanging on a washing line and decided that he would make a perfect present for Mrs Grunt. Mrs Grunt knows boys like blue - so she dyed her old dresses and put him in those! ... are you getting the picture?!

Philip Ardagh follows the Grunts, in their homemade caravan built "out of stuff" and the two donkeys (Clip and Clop) who pull it along. They never stop anywhere long, for trouble just - well - seems to find them, no matter where they go.

Trouble definitely follows the Grunts in this novel as they attempt to buy an elephant, and get caught between Bigg (with two Gs) and Larry Small.

I love the way, the author breaks out at various intervals and speaks directly to the reader. This direct involvement guarantees giggles, really establishes Ardagh's comic voice and is a great hook for the readers themselves.

For readers who grew up with Axel Scheffler's unique illustrations gracing their picture books when they were younger, this is the perfect one to move on to. The Grunts in Trouble is skilfully illustrated by Scheffler with comedic portraits and details highlighting this novel's comedic value.

With a taste for the bizarre reminiscent of Roald Dahl and a deliciously comedic tone Ardagh has created a great new series full of merit for young readers.

Read our interview with the author, Philip Ardagh, here.

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Meet Mr and Mrs Grunt and their son, Sunny, who isn't really their son because they stole him off a washing line when he was a baby. Follow their adventures in their homemade (badly-made) caravan, drawn by Clip and Clop (whom the Grunts took to be one donkey until they realised that they could see them both at once) then add a household of disgruntled servants from nearby Bigg House (owned by the wildly unpopular Lord Bigg); a swarm of angry bees; and some serious misunderstandings and mischief and you begin to get an inkling of the trouble they find themselves in. That kind of trouble that begins with a capital 'T'.

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