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Book Reviews Molly and her Dad

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Molly and her Dad

Molly and her Dad is a heart warming story that celebrates the fact that not all family units are identical.

Molly's dad lives a 'whole plane ride away'. During the school year many other dads come to visit the class, each one displaying their unique skills.

When Molly's dad arrives to take care of Molly for a week, there is a period of adjustment.

'he is big and noisy.

He smiles a big smile

and laughs a loud laugh.'

... and he calls her 'Mollymaloola.'

Jan Ormerod sensitively handles Molly's feelings as she gets to know this new figure in her life. It's difficult when his ways are a little different to her expectations.

Ormerod moves swiftly to the turning point - Dad's visit to Molly's class. Molly beams with pride as her friends spot the family resemblance - he really does belong to her.

The pencil illustrations lend a dynamic feel to this picture book, additional speech bubbles conveying Molly's thoughts are a great way to explore this little girl's feelings.

This is a great way to demonstrate to all children the wonderful diversity of our families. It is a perfect addition to our Father's Day list.

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Publisher Blurb
Molly loves to tell stories, especially about her dad.
At school, all the other children's dads come to visit, but not Molly's. He lives a whole plane ride away.

Then one day Molly announces:
"My daddy is coming to look after me-
And it is not a story, it is really true!"

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