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Book Reviews The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish Hot

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The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

A Father's Day picture book which will be perfectly enjoyed by slightly older children due to the madcap storyline which is guaranteed to leave them giggling.

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish tells the story of, well, just that. Our main character's little sister tells on him after he succumbs to pressure and hands over his dad to Nathan in return for two very tempting goldfish. Well when dad sits in the corner all dad reading his newspaper, what's a guy to do?

"My dad doesn't pay attention to anything, when he's reading his newspaper."

Mum is not impressed and sends him out to get dad back.

What follows is a hilarious spiralling chase for dad, because Nathan has already swapped dad with Vashti Sing for an electric guitar, and Vashti has already swapped him for .... well you get the picture right?

Gaiman's writing is witty and perceptive. The bickering between siblings and the conversations between peers are wonderfully realistic. 

McKean's muted palate serves to highlight the childrens' perceived boredom of the adult world. It also serves to lift this book away from more stereotypical notions of how a picture book should look and feel.

Dave McKean utilises a graphic novel based structure to bring this story to life. The strong focus on dialogue matches this style perfectly as it brings a dynamic feel to the plot. Both Gaiman and McKean have a plethora of experience and talent in this area - it's great to see such talent being poured in to a children's book.

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Publisher Blurb
I'll swap you my dad,' I said.

'Oh-oh,' said my little sister.

What if you wanted your best friend's two goldfish so much that you'd swap anything for them, even your father?

What if your mother came home and found out what you'd done?

Nitty Gritty


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The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish 2013-02-23 01:52:42 Luana
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Luana    February 23, 2013


I love holding a book too. One thing my paentrs did when I was little was sign me up for our Library's Summer Reading club. Basically the kids pick books to read and then come back to the library and give a little oral book report to prove that they read the book. For every book you read, you got a sticker on a certificate and at the end of the summer, you could win prizes! My greatest achievement was when my little first grade self wanted to check out a book marked a few grades above mine. The librarian wouldn't let me check the book out because it was supposed to be too hard for me but my mom insisted to let me check the book out. I read the book and found it easy to read. The librarian grilled me on the book report convinced my mom read the book to me - she didn't. I got my sticker when I told that lady that the books for my grade were baby books because they were too easy to read and boring. I have my mom to thank for reading to me early for my precocious reading skillz.

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