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Book Reviews Oh, Daddy!

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Oh, Daddy!

Simple and stylish, cute without being twee Oh, Daddy! as the title suggests, is particularly perfect for Father's Day.

"I'm so smart,

I even show my dad how to do things

and he's a grown-up!'

Our little character takes us through a day spent with Daddy, including other members of his family, pointing out the amusing things that happen.

Little ones will love the fact that Daddy is so silly he can't even get dressed without putting pants on his head and gets in to the car through the window. Older ones will quickly cotton on to the reverse psychology which is at play in Bob Shea's picture book. 

Illustrations are bold. The characters are drawn with thick pen lines accompanied by vibrant back ground colours. Jaunty and playful, just like the narrative.

... and the ending? *sigh* Worth checking out! It is the perfect addition to our Father's Day list.

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A young hippo's father doesn't know how to get dressed, or get in the car, or even eat carrots. What would he do without someone to show him how to do everything right? Rising picture book talent Bob Shea has written a sweetly funny story about daddies and their kids-and how much they depend on each other-perfect for Father's Day.

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