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Book Reviews The Jewel Fish of Karnak

The Jewel Fish of Karnak Hot

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The Jewel Fish of Karnak

A beautifully simple fable set against the wonderful backdrop of Ancient Egypt from the multi talented Graeme Base. Opening a Graeme Base book is always a pleasure. Eye popping illustrations fill the pages inviting the reader in to discover so much more hidden within its depths.

Thieves Jackal and Ibis are given a chance of redemption from the Cat Pharaoh. They are set a challenge, but as with all challenges, there are warnings to be heard and obeyed.

I love that The Jewel Fish of Karnak is a picture book with a little more depth to its story - challenges, adventure and a moral code. Graeme's signature illustrations capture the elegance and mystery surrounding the Ancient Egyptian culture. The hieroglyphic version of each illustration runs along the bottom of each page - a great touch adding depth to the reader's comprehension of the plot.

For the more inquisitive reader the challenge to become involved and solve the mystery is included. Search for clues and solve the puzzles create interactivity without the need for an iPad. Tucked in to the back cover is an ingenious wheel with which you can search and for the Jewel Fish yourself, then head to Graeme's website to share your answer. Did you get it right?

The Jewel Fish of Karnak is a short-listed book on The Prime Minister's Literary Awards 2012.



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Far away in Ancient Egypt, Jackal and Ibis are brought before the Cat Pharaoh to be punished for stealing from the town market. In a merciful moment, the Pharaoh decides to give the two friends one last chance: they must journey up the River Nile to the temple of Karnak and bring back something that has been taken from her - a beautiful and precious Jewel Fish.

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The Jewel Fish of Karnak 2012-08-27 00:21:59 Nabbu
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Reviewed by Nabbu    August 27, 2012


Graeme Base will never fail to impress, and this one is no exception. Eye catching illustrations, captivating story line and a puzzle to solve, this book is an all in one entertainer. Everyone must read this, at least once - though I'm sure once you have, you will be rushing to the store to grab a personal copy!

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