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Emily Rodda has penned a bright page turner of a chapter book which is perfect for older primary school children. Telling a delightful tale of a community joining forces to save their town, Bungawitta is an uplifting story full of humorous snippets from some quirky characters.

Bungawitta hasn't seen rain ... for far too long. One by one the town, and its inhabitants have shrunk away,

"It was like Noah's Ark in reverse."

Cooki Liu's head hasn't ached, the ants haven't been scurrying around carrying eggs and Aunty Flo's bung knee hasn't given her any signs in far too long ... the chance of a downpour in Bungawitta seems far too remote a possibility.

During one of their regular morning gatherings to watch the weather report the remaining inhabitants of Bungawitta decide that they need to take action in order to tempt visitors, and their money, back in to the folds of their charming community.

The appeal of this novel comes from Emily Rodda's quirky characters, her sense of humour and a cracking good plot. Craig Smith's fabulous pencil illustrations are a great addition for this age group, perfectly extending Rodda's humour and adding great value to the text.

Scholastic also provides teacher notes for Bungawitta, their PDF format can be viewed here.


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It's crunch time in Bungawitta.

The land's as dry as a dead galah, there's no rain in sight, and only twelve people left in town. Nobody can make it rain. But a shower of money would help keep Bungawitta alive. And a festival would attract city tourists with money to spend, Jay's sure of it. But can twelve people, two dogs and a Shetland pony put on a proper festival?

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Bungawitta 2012-08-17 01:42:25 Ajani
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Reviewed by Ajani    August 17, 2012


I really liked bungawitta because it was full of supense and the characters had imaginative,creative,intresting and funny names. I also would like to ask you some questions and they are: where do you get your ideas, how did you become an author, how did you come up with the names for the books, when did you become an author, were you a bookworm when you were young, did you like to read when you were young, did you have good ideas for books at school, are some of your books based on true things that have happened in the past during your lifetime?

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