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Book Reviews 10 Little Insects

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10 Little Insects

My Book Corner's verdict on Davide Cali's 10 Little Insects? Just too funny!! Witty, fast paced and riddled with clever one liners, this one is a riot!

Due for Australian release on 1st June 2012, we're beaming with happiness at being able to bring you this early look at Davide Cali's latest collaboration.

The premise is taken unashamedly from Agatha Christie's 10 Little 

"Don't worry, we're not going to re-enact '10 Little Indians.' "

An odd asortment of insects find themselves brought together in a strange house on an isolated island. Each of them have been enticed to Tortoise Island under different pretences, and as such questions are beginning to be asked. It is not long before, one by one, they start to meet untimely ends in the most bizarre circumstances.

What is going on? Who is behind it? Why them?

As they start to drop like flies (a-hem!) suspicions are aroused, tempers flare and of course flashes of lightening illuminate the dark sky above the isolated house.

This is a graphic novel which surpassed all my expectations. Character, plot and intrigue are manipulated through witty dialogue and sharp illustrations in a mind bogglingly effortless manner. Genuis. Through these two mediums Davide Cali and Vincent Pianina bring to life a myriad of superb characters the kids will just get. From Gracey Gold, who's outburst at Gafard is priceless to Johnny Nail whose not so fabulous impressions of a stick aren't really perfected until it is too late ... each one carries the reader through this rollicking great plot. Clever touches such as the use of red to convey a character's anger will really help readers absorb the nuances of this book.

Full of hilarious hiccups (watch out for the dog's nose) and clever twists (anyone for topperware?!), you'll enjoy this one several times over.

10 Little Insects well and truly deserves a firm place in My Book Corner.


Find out more about Davide in his My Book Corner interview, and enter this competition for your chance to win a SIGNED copy of 10 Little Insects.

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If you’ve been crying out for a book featuring a stick insect famous for doing impressions of sticks, a detective with a sidekick who’s a three-week old larva, a preying mantis who’s deadly with a drinks trolley and a fly who’s just there for the dung, then your luck has finally turned!

10 Little Insects is a hilarious riff on that celebrated whodunnit, Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians.

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