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Book Reviews A Day to Remember - The Story of Anzac Day

A Day to Remember - The Story of Anzac Day Hot

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A Day to Remember - The Story of Anzac Day

With 25th April 1915 as its starting point A Day to Remember charts the reason, the meaning and the validity of this day through to the present time and beyond ...

Through World War I & II, the Vietnam War, Kuwait, East Timor and Afghanistan this moving book is a sensitive tribute to those who have fought. Informative text serves to open the reader's eyes to what has happened in other parts of our world. With clear links consistently made to Anzac Day, Jackie French brings this day to a modern generation making it relevant through highlighting its importance and meaning.

Jackie French is not afraid to give voice to the fact that decisions to go to war are often controversial,

"people were divided about the fighting in Afghanistan"

and that the sacrifices were made by all Australians,

"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers who'd fought long ago in the service of a land where many were not even allowed to vote."

The over riding theme in this book is respect and thoughts for those who have fought. It does not glorify war, but stresses the personal element throughout.

"The survivors came home. Weary, battered in mind and body, few spoke of what they had seen."

Mark Wilson's evocative illustrations are hypnotic. They draw the reader in, encouraging reflection and thoughtful engagement with the text.

Powerful and informative, this is the ideal book from which to teach and inform, from home and the classroom.

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Anzac Day is the day when we remember and honour ANZAC traditions down the ages, from the first faltering march of wounded veterans in 1916 to the ever-increasing numbers of their descendants who march today.

Containing reference to the many places the ANZACs have fought, and the various ways in which they keep the peace and support the civilians in war-torn parts of the world today, this is a picture book that looks not only at traditions, but also the effects of war.

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