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Book Reviews Squish Rabbit

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Squish Rabbit

{News} Brave Squish Rabbit has been released too - check out review and compare prices here.

Squish Rabbit ... have a glance at that eye catching cover, what you can't tell from the picture is that it even has a SQUISHY front and back cover! Genius.

A good picture book for the littlest ones really does need an engaging storyline, however it must be skilfully told by just a few, carefully chosen words on each page - because attention spans are short! These need to be matched by creative illustrations which are bold without being garish, clear without being dull and containing details without, urm, too much detail. Then on top of that? It needs to entertain the adult reader too ... not asking too much are we?!?!

Squish Rabbit fits this perfectly. The illustrations are set against a white background which immediately renders them clean, clear and crisp. The use of different textures - paper for the tree trunk, material for the tree top and watercolours for the sea adds clever detail. Squish Rabbit himself? Hand drawn in a deceptively simple style which manages to convey many emotions .. take a peek at the "little tantrum" page!

The story itself? 'Cute' gets over used, but, really, this one fits the bill. Squish is tiny. He wants to be heard, he wants to find friends and this clever picture book follows him on that very journey. I adored the scenes where he meets his friend to be. They stop. They look. They play and are friends for life - because isn't that just how friendships are formed at that age?!

Read our interview with Katherine Battersby here


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Squish is just a little rabbit. But being little can lead to BIG problems. Sometimes Squish is hard to hear ... and see. And it isn't easy making friends.

A tale celebrating the joy of friendship.

Nitty Gritty


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Squish Rabbit 2012-05-01 10:58:26 Nabbu
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Nabbu    May 01, 2012

Delightful read

A lovely book that touches on the delicate topic of self esteem and self worth in a warm simple manner for all little squish rabbits. A great book especially for those who are dealing with hiccups in adjusting in a new environment and making friends.

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