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Book Reviews The Grimstones: Mortimer Revealed

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The Grimstones: Mortimer Revealed

It is with trepidation that you tentatively open the first pages of the sequel to a much loved and adored book. There is much pressure on that book to not only live up to, but also surpass the expectations created by its predecessor. Mortimer Revealed? LOVED it!

Martha Grimstone is an imaginative girl living in a very quirky house with her wonderfully eccentric family. When she is not being made to have lessons with Aunt Gertrude, she amuses herself with activites such as, 

"choreographing a synchronised-swimming performance for the fish that live in the creek."

The plot that rapidly unravels in Mortimer Revealed creates a compelling page turner. Martha Grimstone quickly brings her readers up to speed and introduces us to one of those universally magical childhood toys - the doll's house. Crafted to be identical in every way to Martha's own house, it soon becomes the centre of the storyline. Crumpet who emerged, quite literally, at the end of Hatched becomes an adorable character on whom Martha comes to rely upon. His special gift of magic enables Martha to help unlock a family secret that has been haunting her mother in particular for quite some time.

I love the development of the characters in this second novel, real insights are gained in to Martha's mother and Aunt Gertrude in particular. Martha is led on the path to self discovery too, which is delightful to follow as she finally achieves her ambition of unearthing her own, special magnificent quality ... no spoilers here, the answer is in the book!!

The visual impact of this novel is not to be underestimated. Gorgeously thick pages are laid with stunning photographs and illustrations 'taped' in to Martha's diary. The typography is expertly used by Asphyxia to convey Martha's emotions to great effect.

Mortimer Revealed is a fantastic addition to the library of those who are discovering chapter books and will quickly become a great read for bedtime!


Book 3: Whirlwind: can be viewed here!

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The second magnificent adventure for Martha Grimstone. Discover the secrets that lie in Mortimer's crypt, in this sweetly gothic fairytale told in a collage of words, photos and drawings.

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