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Book Reviews Let's Make Rabbits

Let's Make Rabbits Hot

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Let's Make Rabbits

Gorgeously crafty - in the doing and making sense - this is a perfect little picture book. With its rabbit theme Let's Make Rabbits is a perfect one to pull out at Easter time.

Leo Lionni, award winning illustrator extraordinaire, begins his fable by personifying both the pencil and the scissors, an instant crowd pleaser for little ones.

' "Good morning," said the scissors

to the pencil. "What shall we do today?" '

Two beautifully simple rabbits are swiftly constructed by each piece of equipment and the rabbits instantly become friends. When hunger strikes they immediately turn to their creators - how handy to have a delicious crunchy carrot instantly materialise before your very eyes!

This a perfect story for this age group with just a brief couple of sentences on each page. Depth to the story comes lightly towards the end, with a 'discussion' on shadows and how that makes the carrot and the rabbits real.

' "That carrot is real! said the scissors rabbit.

"How do you know?" asked the pencil rabbit.

"It has a shadow!" the scissors rabbit replied.'

Now you just know that after reading this, you'll be forever pointing out the shadows to your little one. Perfect.


Let's Make Rabbits is a featured book in our Best Books for Easter collection, browse the entire list here

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Two rabbits, one drawn with a pencil and the other cut from paper, get a tast of real rabiit life - and a magical surprise - in this delightful tale from four-time Caldecott Honour winner Leo Lionni.

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