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Book Reviews The Share-a-not

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The Share-a-not

Some young fans of Adam Wallace have been telling us, for some time now, that we simply must get our hands on his books. So we started with this one, The Share-A-Not. We loved it! 

As the title would imply this book is about sharing but not in a clichéd, droll and disheartening manner which is often found in so-called 'moral' books. Well. You wouldn't find it on My Book Corner if it was!!

My son and I cuddled up on the sofa to read this one with a short break to run in to the garden to find our own little rocks, and more than a few pauses for the giggles! The fun and the craziness simply leap off the pages. 

The Share-A-Not has a carefully constructed plot with an enjoyable number of twists and turns. The characters are lively and zany; well developed with a respect for children and what entertains them.

The rhythm and rhyme on each and every page give pace and humour to the storyline.

"The Share-a-not

stared, he didn't

even blink,

He didn't like to 

blink when he 

stopped to think."

I loved the use of different fonts to emphasize either the character or action. For an age group which is just beginning to read this is also a perfect way to inject some fun in to the text.

This book is about a community of monsters, uniquely crafted with a plethora of quirky details by Heath McKenzie. The style, tone and wackiness of the illustrations are a perfect match for the text! 

Adam Wallace makes personal appearances at some of the big markets in Victoria (RedHill, Mornington) where he personally signs his books. Check for details with Adam himself at his website, and by following him on Facebook here.


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To share or not to share? It's a no brainer for the Share-a-Not He wants it all and he wants it now! Everyone in town has just one pet rock, but the Share-a-Not wants more than that. MUCH MORE. So he goes on a stealing spree THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE. Finally he steals from a young four-eyed lad, whose father decides enough is enough and he works out a plan to show the Share-a-Not he's got it all wrong - but, will the plan work?

Nitty Gritty


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