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Book Reviews Oh No, George!

Oh No, George! Hot

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Oh No, George!

If you've read A Bit Lost, you'll know the treat you are in for when you delve in to Oh No, George! by the award winning illustrator and author, Chris Haughton.

Temptation .. temptation ... because when you are told not to do something, well then that just becomes the one thing that you do want to do, and it becomes oh so hard to resist. Being good when you are a dog, with those great wide eyes which pick up on every 'opportunity', is just oh so tricky!

Cleverly designed to provide a cliff hanger at the turn of every page Chris' story absorbs its young readers from the start. George has been left alone by his comically drawn owner, Harris with the tentative question,

"Will you be good, George?"

Each double page zooms round each dilemma as it present itself to the hapless George ... he spots something, it's a cake ... what will he do? Que a full colour, full framed double page illustration of George very clearly giving in to temptation, well the cake did look good, and playing chase with the cat? Too much fun!

A tearful George presents Harris with his own favourite toy in order to make amends for the now dishevelled house ... how accurately does that reflect the mindset of the young audience?! Clever. George has now firmly won himself a place in our hearts and we cheer him on as he goes out with Harris where he carefully and thoughtfully avoids all temptations until ... ? A cliff hanger ending. Love it!

Chris has presented a deceptively simply story which provokes great reactions from its audience - think gasps, LOTS of 'oh no!" and covered giggles! Find out more about Chris Haughton in his interview with My Book Corner.

... and if you are after a bit more, check out the trailer below and then head over to Chris' website for these fabulous worksheets / colouring pages.

Oh No, George! made the The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2013 shortlist. You can view all the shortlisted titles here.

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George wants to be good.
He tries to be good.
But he has just seen a cake in the kitchen ...
What will George do?!

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Oh No, George! 2012-06-22 02:17:03 nabbu
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by nabbu    June 22, 2012

Quirky and fun

This book is an absolute delight. Love the vibrant illustrations that leap out at you and the quirky text that depicts the playful and mischievous nature of these friendly pets. A great book for loads of read aloud fun. Thank-you for the link for the colouring pages and worksheets. They definitely did extend and add benefit to the reading experience.

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