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Book Reviews The Curious Garden

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The Curious Garden

This is such a gorgeous picture book - full of inspiration, oohs and aahs.  Open the first page of The Curious Garden to reveal the depiction of a city - smoke filled, grey and gloomy. Hover over the page a little longer and you will spy a little boy with a brilliant flame of red hair ... turn the pages as the book reveals how one little boy with one little hope can transform a city. Beautiful.

"Even on drizzly days, while everyone else stayed inside,

you could always find Liam happily splashing through

his neighbourhood."

It is on one of these days that Liam spots an ominous looking set of stairs which lead up to a disused railway track and one "lonely patch of colour." With a bit of water, a bit of pruning, a few mistakes and a bit of singing Liam learns that he can create something quite magical. Peter Brown personifies the weeds, flowers and mosses beautifully as he describes them as "restless" and wanting "to explore."

As you delve further in to the pages watch the sky brighten to a vivid blue, the flowers blossom and Liam's grin and pride grow in tangent with his garden. The gentle progression of this story brings forth carpets of daises, the most imaginative topiaries and tree houses to die for! The intricate details on each page, some not even requiring words, capture the imagination and thoughts of the audience.

"But the most surprising things that 

popped up were the new gardeners."

... and so Liam transforms a city. The Curious Garden is a stunning picture book with illustrations that draw you in and captivate the imagination - highly recommended!


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One boy's quest for a greener world ...

one garden at a time.

Nitty Gritty


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The Curious Garden 2012-05-17 07:07:52 nabbu
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Reviewed by nabbu    May 17, 2012

One boy's quest for a greener garden at a time.

Aptly stated in the blurb this story is about a boy on a mission. His curiosity leads him to a world full of vibrant colour and brilliant satisfaction. He stumbles and staggers but never let's it dampen his spirits and perseveres until he brings back life into the city around him and makes houses homes and bring happiness back into peoples lives. This book also has a deeper meaning of trying to give importance to forgotten things and finding pleasure in what nature has to offer. You don't have to go too far away to find bliss, it might just be in your backyard. With bold colourful illustrations and simple flowing text this book is a great read for both young and old.

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