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Book Reviews The Bippolo Seed & Other Lost Stories - the app!

The Bippolo Seed & Other Lost Stories - the app! Hot

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The Bippolo Seed & Other Lost Stories - the app!

We are soooo excited that this is our very first book app review ... what a way to start eh?!

The kids and I have been snuggled up in bed listening to and watching the latest collection of Dr Seuss stories on the iphone ... all SEVEN of them ... they did not disappoint!

I quickly opted for 'auto play' as Dr Seuss books really need to be read in a particular way, and, well the actors do it sooo much better than me!  Other options are 'Read it myself' and 'Read to Me.' Love the fact that as each word is read it is highlighted in blue so that the experience doesn't need to be a passive one.  The page views seamlessly zoom in on the relevant illustration to the text, enhancing the experience and holding the attention of little ones.

The background noises - such as footsteps in The Strange Shirt Spot and the cat purring in the Bippolo Seed really add to the experience.  These can be turned off, but I'm not sure why you would want to.  My son also loves clicking on the screen which then displays the word relating to the picture he has clicked on.

The ever growing fish from Gustav The Goldfish really works in this format.  The boy's panic is accurately conveyed with the sloshing of water in the background as Gustav out grows even the bath tub.

"Gustav my fish was a gigantic fellow!"

The headline story The Bippolo Seed is great in its crazyness as the duck gets carried away with the prospect of untold riches;

"A tree that grows duck food could also grow fish!"

Tadd and Todd is another firm favourite as these identical twins struggle with their sameness;

"which one is what one, or what one is who!"  Love that line!

The Dr Seuss qualities that we've grown to admire and love are never more evident than in 'Steak For Supper' where the boy gets followed home by ... ready ... Ikka, Gritch, Grickle Nupper and Whild Wheef x2, "what a pickle!" for sure.

Where has The Bippolo Seed & Other Lost Stories come from? They were published in magazines between 1950 and 1951.  A popular format used by many great literary figures from Hemingway to Dickens.

Why now? The stories were discovered by, expert in all things Dr Seuss, Charles D Cohen, who can be seen in the video below.  How amazing that they've now not only been tracked down, but also re produced in a way which is a real sign of the times.

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New features only available in this omBook include professional narration by four different voice actors, custom music and sound, and original artwork with enhanced color. To promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read, individual words can be read aloud, and words zoom up when pictures are touched. By combining the original text and artwork of Dr. Seuss with features that entertain and promote reading, this omBook appeals to readers of all ages.

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The Bippolo Seed & Other Lost Stories - the app! 2011-10-14 05:13:13 Bec Horner
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by bec    October 14, 2011
Top 10 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Lovin' the iphone app

What a great idea to also make this an iphone app - and it's just not a regurgitation of the book either - the voices are really funny. My kids love it!

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