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Book Reviews Silver Key - The Beginning

Silver Key - The Beginning Hot

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Silver Key - The Beginning

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Silver Key is creating quite a stir amongst its readers at the moment - and that's how My Book Corner discovered it.  Really there can be no better endorsement for a children's book than the reaction of the children themselves.  This was a must for My Book Corner.

Silver Key is a great, wholesome adventure story. Think of it as a modern day Secret Seven story ... without the now old fashioned language, lashing of ginger beer and without the girls being relegated to stay at home and miss out on all the real adventures!

Silver Key is a perfect page-turning adventure story with the modern twist of a superhero delicately added in - it makes sense and fits perfectly.  Lots of dialogue, good quality descriptions and a fantastic plot really captures the attention of the reader.  There are no pauses, the adventure continues to develop throughout - and this is where Nicky's talent lies - in the ability to create a great, well executed plot.

The opening page leaps straight in to the story - I love books that start like that.  Max and his sister are packing, they are going to their grandpa's house - and it is here that the mystery begins to unravel.  The inclusion of both Max and Bea mean this book is not gender specific and will equally appeal to both.

This is a chapter book with real class and style - can't wait for you to tell My Book Corner what you think.

Join Taryn, age 11, and add your own review below.

Check out the interview with Nicky below.  Silver Key is currently available here, don't forget to say who sent you.


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Publisher Blurb
Max Moon is not happy about having to spend his school holidays in boring old Holmestown. But when he finds a strange silver key, clues are uncovered and an exciting adventure begins!
What is the mystery surrounding Grandpa Denny?
What secrets will Max, his sister Bea and their new friends Corky discover on the farm?

Nitty Gritty


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Silver Key - The Beginning 2011-09-23 02:30:31 Sue Baker
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Reviewed by suzie1    September 23, 2011
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Sliver Key - New Beginning

This is a MUST read for anyone between the ages of 7 - 11. Nicole Cameron has written this exciting book brilliantly. I was immediately transported into the scene.

My favorite part of the book was when Max and Bea moon had fallen into a hole under some haystacks. It was soo dark they had trouble seeing. They had realised that they were stumbling around a dark and gloomy passageway. This was the only way out, Max went first. Suddenly, right in front of him Max found a door. He put the key that he had found into the lock, it fitted!. He turned the key and the door swung open..............What did Max see behind the door and what will they do next?

I was lucky enough to meet Nicole Cameron when she visited to my school. I was so inspired by her. Nicole had written this book for her year 7 exam. I am so glad that she decide to publish it. I think that this is an amazing book. I can't wait to read some more books by Nicole Cameron.

By Taryn age 11

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