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Book Reviews A to Z of TWORDS

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A to Z of TWORDS

Now this IS a book with a difference - and you know that is something My Book Corner is always looking for!

My Book Corner is very excited to bring you the Tword!!!

The concept?  The recognition that our language contains many words which are in fact two completely different words 'stuck' together = Twords such as rainbow,  pineapple.  Cue an A to Z book full of great Twords with fun descriptions of the Tword and each of the two words.

Each double page is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet and its chosen Tword. A favourite is 'T is for Toadstool' (toad + stool).  Great, bright images depict the toad and the stool with arrows pointing to descriptions of all three words ...

"Toadstool is a red and white spotted mushroom that's popular with gnomes and fairies."

You'll love the quirky descriptions such as the one for glove from the Tword foxglove,

"Glove is a covering for the hand that keeps them warm in the winter or dry when you do the dishes. You have done the dishes, haven’t you?"

This is a clever concept that can be used in schools and homes to spark off ideas for a variety of literacy based activities and discussions.  It breaks down words and their meanings in a fun, quirky, non-threatening manner - perfect for those who struggle, or those who just like to have a bit of fun.

Bold, bright illustrations serve as fantastic visual representations of each Tword. Loved the armband - an outstretched arm, arm band on and a band playing in the open hand. Genius!

An A to Z of Twords is a creative, eye popping resource book you'll want to keep in your book corner.  The fun in this book isn't limited to children.  Before long you'll be noticing Twords everywhere!!

BUY NOW from Book Depository for free worldwide delivery - clicking on this link will help support My Book Corner.


Read our interview with the one and only Mr Gresty here.

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Publisher Blurb
So you know your A, B, Cs, but do you know your ‘A to Z of Twords’?

This isn’t any ordinary A to Z. Get ready to see the alphabet in a whole new light, with this brilliantly quirky debut from Hackney designer and printmaker Mr. Gresty.

Twords are those words that contain two others, like ladybird or breakfast. Gresty breaks them down and reunites them, taking the reader from A to Z with the trademark humour and graphic simplicity that’s gained him a local cult following.

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