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Book Reviews Maybe Tomorrow

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Maybe Tomorrow

When I arrived in Australia three years ago I went straight to the library to learn more about the country I had landed in.  The first book I walked away with was 'Maybe Tomorrow'.

I have since recommended it to friends, book clubs and now I recommend it to you.  Many parts of it have stayed with me, and I hope that My Book Corner does it justice here.

Reading this book feels like Boori is talking to you - as a reader you gain a real sense of who he is and what he thinks - and this feels like a real privilege.  Maybe Tomorrow is about Boori's life, his experiences, his thoughts and his feelings - it is a truly inspiring read.

The winning element of this book, and essentially of Boori himself, is the passion, his passion.  A passion connected to his pride, knowledge, acceptance and the ability to keep learning and teaching.

Boori fills the book with tales of growing up, the strength of his family, leaving home and carving a life for himself.

"Being Aboriginal, I couldn't do that in Townsville."

Intertwined with his life experiences of being a DJ, model and basketball player are anecdotes from the current day - his performances at schools across the country.

Throughout Maybe Tomorrow, Boori explodes many myths surrounding his culture and presents us with its strength, power and passion in an engaging and illuminating manner.  His enthusiasm and respect is captivating, and his modesty honourable;

"I'm just a grain of sand in this land we call Australia.  All I'm trying to do is my little bit."

There's a lot more I could write about this book, many more quotes I could copy out for you ... but ultimately you need to discover the rest of Maybe Tomorrow for yourself. Come back and tell us what you think.

"My eyes and my heart have been opened to see this country, my home, in a new way. My children will grow up with this understanding - thank you, Boori, for this gift." - Meme McDonald co-author of Maybe Tomorrow.

Teacher Notes for Maybe Tomorrow, from Allen & Unwin, can be found here. Maybe Tomorrow is a featured title from Anita Heiss' Black Book Challenge (BBC) - further details here.

By the same author; Shake A Leg and My Girragundji. Read the My Book Corner interview with Boori Monty Pryor.


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With writer and photographer Meme McDonald, Boori leads you along the paths he has travelled, pausing to meet his family and friends, while sharing the story of his life, his pain and his hopes, with humour and compassion.

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Maybe Tomorrow 2013-06-08 12:56:10 Deruka Dekuek
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Deruka Dekuek    June 08, 2013

Maybe Tomorrow by Boori

Its was the most heartbreaking personal story that I have ever read. I felt so emotional about reading the tragedies that have occur to Boori and his family and likewise to the entire Indigenous people.I felt you pain. Thank for share this wonderful personal story with me.

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Maybe Tomorrow 2011-09-11 11:54:19 Marit van Zonneveld
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Reviewed by maritvanzonneveld    September 11, 2011
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Maybe Tomorrow a must

When it was my turn to choose a book for our monthly book club meeting I choose Maybe Tomorrow, knowing that the book is an eye-opener on Australian Indigenous culture. We all agreed it is a must to read, it brings insights and inspiration.
Reading the book is almost as sitting next to Boori and listening to his fascinating engaging story, you simply have to keep reading. I'm deeply touched by the story of this inspiring person. Thank you Boori Pryor for sharing it through your great book.

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