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Book Reviews You and Me: Our Place

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You and Me: Our Place

The front cover says it all really - vibrant, mesmerising illustrations - capturing a glimpse of Australian culture.

This is book is suitable for the very young due to the short text and beautiful illustrations which will capture the imagination.  For the 4-6 age group it is a perfect example of different cultures existing side by side and what can be more valuable than that?

Specifically this one is set in Northern Australia; Uncle Tobias take his nephew and his little friend out for the day .. fishing.  The image of the ocean filled with an array of creatures, from dolphins to jellyfish, is one of my favourites.  A wonderful moment in the book to pause, stop and spot the wildlife.

Uncle Tobias shows them where to find pipis and longbums, mangrove worms and fruit bats along the coast line, and the book concludes with a celebration of how,

"Now everyone comes to the beach to walk and talk, or run and ride."

I love the focus on the senses here - the smell of the basket, the crunch of the sand and the "stories of the olden days."  Together with Dee's illustrations a vivid, rich picture is created.

This book is accessible on so many levels, as a springboard for teaching ideas to a beautiful bedtime tale. This is why I love it so much.

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At the edge of a northern Australian city, where river and mangroves meet the sea, two young boys join Uncle Tobias on the beach for a day of fishing and hunting. They listen eagerly to his sot

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You and Me: Our Place 2011-10-10 22:38:43 Mel Fenech
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Mel Fenech    October 11, 2011


I am a CRT and was left this book by a class teacher to read to her grade. I LOVED it! The children were enthralled as it was a different world to the one they know, especially as many of the students were born elsewhere (the school has a high migrant/refugee demographic). This book can be used to generate many different discussions and activities, or simply to be enjoyed at home.

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