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Book Reviews Big Rain Coming

Big Rain Coming Hot

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Big Rain Coming

Long, dry days.  Scalding heat.  No escape.

The wait for rain can be felt; the expectations as it edges closer are electric, the relief and joy when it does appear is intoxicating.  Big Rain Coming captures this feverish anticipation with bold illustrations and beautiful lyrics perfect for younger children.

Each double page describes the reactions of the children, the panting dogs and the fat green frogs as they cope with the heat .... from swimming in the billabong to digging dusty holes in the ground ... I'll let you guess who did what!?

The words flow smoothly across each page; short sentences on each are complimented by striking illustrations with lots to catch the eye, making this a great one to read to younger children.  The dancing in the rain as it arrives, the colour and the language make the excitement palpable for all readers.

The powerful rainbow serpent sweeps across many of the double pages, a powerful ancestor to the Aboriginal people with strong associations to water, hence its relevance to this story.  Bronwyn Bancroft's use of bold colours with striking black outlines for emphasis ensure this will become a book your children will enjoy pulling off the shelf to absorb themselves in.

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Publisher Blurb
Everyone and everyhting is waiting for the rain.
Rosie's kids, the panting dogs, the green frogs, and Old Stephen, for he predicts its arrival.
But when will the big rain come?

Nitty Gritty


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