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Book Reviews Tyrannosaurus Drip

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Tyrannosaurus Drip

hahaha love it!  For once a story where T-Rex isn't portrayed simply as the two-dimensional big bad dinosaur and it's ok not to be mean and moody.. ( .. and eat plants!).

Intelligent rhyming couplets put a humorous twist on dinosaur stories.  When a duck bill egg accidently finds it's way to the nest of it's rival, a T-Rex .. the fun begins, mother T does not realise because;

"Her brain was rather little and she couldn't count her eggs."

Love Julia's sense of humour - when the babies hatch from their eggs, the non T Rex scoffs at the offer of meat, "I'd rather eat a plant."  His strange, quirky behaviour leads to his nickname of 'tyrannosaurus drip' but with quick witted thinking, reminiscent of the mouse in The Gruffalo, the T-Rex family are out foxed in the end.

Bright, eye catching illustrations by David Roberts really add value to the story and My Book Corner's enjoyment of it.

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Whoever heard of a vegetarian T.rex? This little dinosaur is in the wrong nest ... He may look small and weedy, but don't be fooled by his size. Tyrannosaurus Drip is brave, and very clever!

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Tyrannosaurus Drip 2011-08-13 22:54:22 Kate Martin
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Reviewed by kermerter    August 14, 2011
Last updated: August 14, 2011
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Great rhymes

I think my 3 stars may be a bit mean for this book to be honest but I am such a fan of Stick Man and Gruffalo that I find it hard to rate anything else as good, even though it may be :). This is a great story about outsmarting the bullies and has some good repetitive rhymes. Not a quick bedtime read for the under threes but definitely a good one.

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