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Book Reviews Into The Forest

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Into The Forest

This book is a cleverly crafted tale designed to approach many natural childhood fears - forests and 'where's dad?' whilst interweaving familiar elements from traditional fairy stories.

When we pick up an Anthony Browne picture book in my book corner, we always know that time spent scanning each picture will be richly rewarded. The artwork from 'Into the Forest' is no exception.  On one page in particular we gained great delight from discovering hints of many fairy stories, all hidden in the magical forest.  The surreal aspect to Browne's creativity brings a breath of fresh air to illustrations for children's books, communicating how seriously he views his audience.

The main character of 'Into The Forest' wonders where his dad has gone, then on his way to visit Grandma, ignores his mum's advise and takes the short cut through the forest. Told in the first person, our main character meets a range of characters on his journey, all in contrasting black and white,and they all bare striking similarities to some rather familiar fairy story characters!

Beautifully large, colourful images accompany the text announcing that all is fine; grandma is better, dad has has been looking after her all this time ... no big bad wolves in this forest!


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In this deeply imaginative and atmospheric exploration of a child's anxiety, Hans Christian Andersen Medal winner Anthony Browne takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into a forest full of fairy tale allusions where, typically, nothing is as it appears.

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Into The Forest 2012-08-27 02:58:33 Nabbu
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Nabbu    August 27, 2012

Intriguing Read

A very interesting book with detailed illustrations and a unique storyline. It's different, but one that you got to read, at least once!

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