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Book Reviews I Don't Want Curly Hair

I Don't Want Curly Hair Hot

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I Don't Want Curly Hair

I Don't Want Curly Hair, is the first picture book Laura Ellen Anderson has both written and illustrated - you may recognise her style from the hugely popular Witch Wars series.

I Don't Want Curly Hair is brimming with energy and fun, opening with the larger than life lines...

'NO! I do NOT want this BIG curly HAIR! 

It's messy and silly and just plain UNFAIR!'

Our poor little narrator expresses her dislike for her loopy, bouncy, squiggly hair in wonderful rhyme - for what she really wants is it to be so smooth. 

With increasing exasperation she tries many ideas, each one getting more and more outlandish, (and amusing!). From balloons, to books, to friends who attempt to stretch it, she tries SO hard to get rid of her 'curly mcwurlys.'

And then she meets someone.

Someone with straight hair - useless straight hair, that no matter how hard she tries... it just won't curl. 

It's a meeting of minds, of hair and a wonderful realisation as these two girls have fun together celebrating the hair that they do have.

Don't Want Curly Hair - Laura Ellen Anderson

Anderson's lively word choice lend great character and fun to her narrative, which is wonderful fun to read out loud. Her quirky illustrations are full of energy and brilliantly expressive. 

I Don't Want Curly Hair is heaps of fun.

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All Curly Haired Girl has ever wanted is straight and luscious locks, but when she meets a little girl with the smoothest, silkiest hair, who says all she's ever wanted is spirally, squiggly hair, they are BOTH confused!

A hilarious tale about loving what we have. And hair, lots and lots of hair.

I Don't Want Curly Hair! is glorious new picture book for little people who always want what they can't have! From the brilliant Laura Ellen Anderson – illustrator of the bestselling Witch Wars series.

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