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Book Reviews There's A Pig Up My Nose!

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There's A Pig Up My Nose!

There's A Pig Up My Nose!, created by John Dougherty and Laura Hughes, is a wonderfully funny picture book. 

Poor Natalie was lying in her bed, fast asleep, when a pig trotted into the house, up the stairs and straight into... Natalie's nose. 

Quite incredibly her Dad doesn't believe her when she tells him what has happened. Luckily the doctor confirms it. Then when she goes to school with a note to excuse her from games, the 'oink!' sound from her nose convinces Mrs Daffodil (what a great name?!) that the problem is very real.

When the constant 'Oinks!' disturb the class - well, I guess it would really! - Mrs Daffodil gets the class to work on a new project... 'invent a way of getting a pig out of Natalie's nose.' 

As you might expect, their inventions are wonderfully varied - with various degrees of risk involved - luckily Mrs Daffodil is there to intervene! 

No spoilers re what happened with those inventions, or that very funny twist at the end, I'll leave that for you to enjoy.

Dougherty's brilliantly fun narrative is paired with Laura Hughes's illustrations. I adore her portrayal of Natalie. The classroom scenes are full of great characters - loved the bespectacled twins, and Dad's facial expressions did make us giggle.

There's A Pig Up My Nose! pairs a brilliantly zany story-line with superbly expressive illustrations -  what a wonderfully funny picture book. 

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What if a PIG got stuck up your NOSE? How ever would you get it out?

When Natalie has to go to school with a pig stuck up her nose, her whole class gets together to find a way to get the pig out. But how will they do it?

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