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Book Reviews Infographics: Human Body

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Infographics: Human Body

'This book introduces you to some of the extraordinary things your body can do and is brought to life by incredible infographics.'

Human Body, by Peter Grundy, is wonderful visual guide to the human body. Utilising the infographic format the result is an absorbing and useful non-fiction picture book, perfect for independent readers. 

The most notable feature of this non-fiction tome is its vibrancy and energy. The chapters are organised via tabs - those fabulously illustrated tabs are just crying out to opened and poured over. Each chapter covers an intriguing part of the body = brain, the skeleton and are just some of the areas covered.

Every chapter begins with a couple of paragraphs giving an over view of the topic, then it's straight in to those info graphics. Intriguing and useful snippets of information are presented in digestible chunks - visually appealing they are so easily absorbed. Human Body is so much fun to delve into at any point. A chapter on digestion demonstrates the importance of water for hydration, bones in the skeleton are identified in one of the clearest visuals I've seen, whilst another chapter even covers why babies cry so much!

Using design skill and imagination Human Body is a great reference guide, learning tool and quite an engrossing read.

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The second in a visually stunning series, "Information Graphics: Human Body" shows just how interesting and humorous scientific information can be. Complex facts about the human body are reinterpreted as stylish infographics that astonish, amuse, and inform. Researched by the "Guardian"'s Datablog expert and designed by the father of infographics, Peter Grundy, this is a book of the highest pedigree.

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