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Book Reviews Nuts in Space

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Nuts in Space

Oooo this is a real treat. 

I found Weasels incredibly amusing, so it was with much anticipation that I delved into Elys Dolan's next picture book - Nuts in Space.

She kinda had me on that title to be honest!

We join our intrepid adventurers having just successfully completed their mission of gathering the Lost Nuts of Legend ... all they have to do now, is get them home.

As so often happens at just the wrong moment, the Sat Nav malfunctions & the maps have been, urm, eaten. They are lost. In space. Yikes!

What follows is a series of funny episodes as each double page sees the motley crew visiting a variety of different planets in order to find their way home.

The Nut-free planet had us giggling, and there's the Death Banana ..! Too clever.

Star Wars and Star Trek fans will spot a few giggle inducing touches here.

Utilising a comic style format Elys Dolan's attention to detail, cheeky sense of humour and ability to not to take herself too seriously combine to create a winning formula.

Manic, funny and filled to the brim with wonderful touches this is a picture book to pour over, it will benefit from many, many readings. Now that's value for money!!

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An elite crew of furry animals are celebrating. They have found the Lost Nuts of Legend and according to the myth, the bearer of this mythical snack will be immortal, invincible and never will it be past their bedtime – now all they have to do is go home. But – oh dear – if only it were that simple. Everyone is starving, the Star Nav is broken, the neighbours are distinctly unfriendly and it was a really, REALLY bad idea to stop at the Death Banana and ask for directions. Will they EVER find their way home? And, most importantly will they get home before something happens to the Nuts?’

From the hugely talented creator of Weasels, this stellar story is full of humour and action-packed pages to pore over.

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