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Cowgirl from GR Gemin is a delightful chapter book - an adventure told in a wonderful conversational style with a hint of Welsh dialect.

It's friendly, refreshing and absorbing.

Gemma lives in Wales. Her dad is in prison for fraud, her brother is annoying and her mum struggles to makes ends meet.

Then there's school.

Gemma thinks Sian is her friend but it takes that strange girl Kate, who everyone calls 'cowgirl', to really open Gemma's eyes.

This is a story about two girls who try to do what is right ...

About a community who pull together over a group of cows that capture their hearts (yep) ...

About decisions that don't always go to plan.

Gemin's narrative is totally absorbing. It's that lovely Welsh lilt that gently creeps into the characters' conversations that really pulls the readers close to the characters.

An engaging, wholesome adventure set in a small Welsh town eager to regain its identity and sense of community, Cowgirl is a great read.

'I gave one of the waiting drivers a nod, like it was every day I crossed the High Street with five cows.'

Also by G R Gemin - Sweet Pizza.

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Growing up on the embattled Mawr Estate in South Wales, all Gemma sees are burglaries, muggings, sadness and boredom. With a dad in prison and a mum who has given up hope, she, like everyone around her, is holding on to memories of the times when happiness wasn't so hard to find.

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