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Weasels by Elys Dolan is a totally engrossing picture book, with a cheekily brilliant sense of humour.

Whatever you thought weasels did during the day, forget it.

Elys Dolan is about to turn any notions of weasels simply lolling around eating nuts & berries right on its head!

This group of weasels are on a mission. With frothuccinos and cappuccinos in hand, this motley crew have their eyes set well and truly on total world domination. Of course!

... until the lights go out ... and that huge computer whizzy machine thingy stops working ... OOPS!

What emerges is a chuckle inducing comedy of errors, the team gradually unhinges as it tries to discover what on earth what wrong. They try everything ...

Elys Dolan's illustrations have us totally entertained, and keep us coming back for more. The beauty is in the detail here. Each page is jam packed with things to see and observe and well ... chuckle over. There may be many, many weasels in this group however the identity of each emerges throughout the pages as they try to conquer the problem at hand. Too clever.

Weasels makes for a highly entertaining picture book. The wealth of detail make it perfect for engaging slightly older readers too.

Perfect present material in my opinion.

'Megalomania has never been so furry!'

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Discover Dolan's latest picture book, Nuts in Space, right here.

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Weasels - what do they do all day? Eat nuts and berries? Frolic in leaves? Lurk in the dark? Argue with squirrels? Hide in their weasel holes? Well, all these are wrong. What they really do is . . . plot world domination.

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