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Book Reviews Marvellous Maths

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Marvellous Maths

Marvellous Maths by Jonathan Litten is a fab book that makes maths about discovery and interaction.

Each double spread is dedicated to a different area of maths - making it a perfect dip in and out of resource.

The best thing? This is really fun. It's not just the flaps to lift, but there are pieces to spin, things to make, pop ups and discs that spin. Totally awesome!

This is going to be great as a resource. Need a reminder for the names of those different triangles? What's the difference between mean, median and mode? Why do we use fractions? What is probability?

It's all here & presented in a vibrant, non-confusing manner. This is going to be great to help with homework tasks, dare I say it ... but for parents too! 

I love the interactivity that is encouraged here - simple, easy to follow activities are suggested on each page. Thankfully they aren't the sort that require random, hard to find resources. Phew!

Take a peek at the clip below to see inside.

Marvellous Maths has been shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014.

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Publisher Blurb
An interactive, engaging and exciting exploration of maths, from the invention of zero to the geometry of a donut!
Clear, humorous text, bright illustrations and interactive novelties help explain topics including numbers, geometry, probability, transformations and statistics. The focus is on making maths accessible and exciting, so each topic has an investigation for young number smiths to try at home.

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