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Book Reviews Oliver and the Seawigs

Oliver and the Seawigs Hot

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Oliver and the Seawigs

When your parents are the types that revel in adventure, are always looking for somewhere new to explore, climb and discover ... then the much longed for promise of your own room, a proper bed and a quiet nights sleep is luxury indeed.

But really, this is a novel, and this is a novel by Philip Reeve .... of course things aren’t going to go smoothly for Oliver, the protagonist of Oliver and the Seawigs.

Oh no.

Before they can even open the front door of their new home, Oliver’s parents have excitedly spied a new collections of islands just off the coast how could they have missed them. They head off .... 

Well it is very easy to miss them as they are the wandering isles ... of course! Problem is, one of them has just wondered off with Oliver’s mum and dad.

Now it’s Oliver’s turn to lead the exploration.

Philip Reeve’s great turn of phrase, and wicked sense of humour come into play as Oliver sets off on his own wandering island named Cliff. Cliff has a bit of a confidence problem. However they are accompanied by the Lily the short sighted mermaid and Mr Culpeper who is a rather grumpy albatross.

Full of tongue in cheek comments, Reeve takes his reader across the Sarcastic Sea (it is sooo rude) .... and do you know what? I really am bursting to tell you all the different elements that combine to make this novel lots of fun and incredibly entertaining but, really, the fun is in the discovering don’t you agree?

Reeve’s giggle inducing narrative is accompanied by Sarah McIntyre’s illustrations which bring a great energy to the novel. This one is perfect for reading out loud, and is great for independent readers who are just beginning to delve into longer novels. 

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** Oliver and the Seawigs has made the Blue Peter Book Awards Shortlist, 2014. Discover the full shortlist here

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Along with his friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid, and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver sets out to rescue his missing parents.

On their perilous journey the friends meet evil islands, a boy called Stacey (not a girl's name) and more sea monkeys than you can wave some seaweed at.

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Oliver and the Seawigs 2014-08-05 13:17:47 Traci Lavelle
Would you recommend this book? 
Reviewed by Traci Lavelle    August 05, 2014

An Adventure Indeed

An exciting adventure for my 4th grader indeed! Love the illustrations!

Owner's reply

So pleased you enjoyed it too Traci.

Watch this space - this duo are just about to release another chapter book. The illustrations in it are just as fab!!

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