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Reading Matters Best Easter Books ~ Part II

Best Easter Books ~ Part II Hot

Best Easter Books ~ Part II

You'll know from last year, that I think picture books in particular are awesome gifts to pass on at Easter.

Snuck inbetween those piles of yummy chocolate, the right picture book will help to create some lovely memories.

Gifting one book each Easter, is a wonderful way to gradually build a great seasonal library.

A small inscription tucked inside the front cover, is a thoughtful way to record personal memories ~ I love the idea of choosing to note a particular achievement that has made you proud.

My Book Corner put together a glorious list of Easter books for you last year, because we want to help you find the very best books. You can browse the FULL list here.

Click on the links to enjoy the full reviews, and take advantage of our online price comparison.

Ralfy Rabbit

Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar!

Not strictly Easter themed, however it does feature a very amusing rabbit! New for 2015 Ralfy Rabbit is a brilliant book loving character.

Easter Cat

Here Comes the Easter Cat

Meet a lazy cat who is just soooo over the Easter Bunny. Isn’t it time that a cat took over the role?! Read the full review here.

Easter Bunny’s Helpers by Tamsin Ainslie

The Easter Bunny's Helpers

Anne Mangan's new release for March 2013 has an adorable old fashioned charm that is quite difficult to resist. The thoughtful Australian twist simply adds to that charm. Click here for the full review.


Rabbityness by Jo Empson


The wonderful Rabbity element of Jo Empson's exciting, fresh and fun debut picture book meant it just had to be included here. Click here for the full review, and to compare online prices.

For more Easter goodies, check out our Pinterest board here.

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Best Easter Books ~ Part II 2015-04-09 20:33:12 Stacey Guilliatt
Commented by Stacey Guilliatt    April 10, 2015

Look great

These look great, I always put a bunny themed book in my boys Easter baskets :) #readwithme

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Best Easter Books ~ Part II 2015-03-16 10:03:26 chantelle hazelden
Commented by chantelle hazelden    March 16, 2015

Brilliant selection

brilliant selection of books there, very fitting for this time of year. thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

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Best Easter Books ~ Part II 2015-03-13 10:04:47 Catherine @ Story Snug
Commented by Catherine @ Story Snug    March 13, 2015

Love your Easter choices!

We love Ralfy and Rabbityness and I love the look of Here Comes the Easter Cat :) We have 'Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs' and 'EGG' on Story Snug this week - also great books for Easter.

Owner's reply

Ralfy is just great don't you think?!

I'll look out for those other suggestions too, thanks Catherine!

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