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Reading Matters Celebrating International Book Giving Day 2013

Celebrating International Book Giving Day 2013 Hot

Celebrating International Book Giving Day 2013

How did it work for you? We invite those of you with blogs to share stories of how you celebrated International Book Giving Day ... via our International Book Giving Day blog hop!

This is My Book Corner's story;

Bleary-eyed, checking my phone at 'too early am' on 14th February, I read this message from the lovely Amy. Then read it again. Then jumped out of bed.

"I'm supposed to be doing an interview now but have lost my voice. Could they call you instead? Now?"

It was the 'Now?' bit that really got me moving ... and that takes some doing at that time in the morning!

Within 15 minutes I was chatting away to the very lovely Steve Austin, on ABC's morning radio programme ... and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can listen the excerpt here.

As a book reviewer, I am privileged to receive an awesome number of fabulous books. International Book Giving Day provided me with the perfect opportunity to literally scatter those books around, leaving them in fun places just waiting to be discovered by new little minds.

After attaching sticky notes with tempting messages such as 'Take me home' and 'I'm yours' to a plethora of books, I was ready. The books were bundled into the car as we searched out the best places to leave them. Weirdly enough, I felt quite conspicuous wandering into a park, plonking a book at the bottom of the slide (sneaking a pic), then .. urm .. just walking away.

Book Giving Day

Nestling books in swings, on benches and at the bottom of climbing frames before making a hasty exit gave us much amusement during the course of the day. 

Book Giving Day

We gifted books to friends, a local school, two waiting rooms and had fun scattering them.

So now it is YOUR turn ...

One of the things that makes International Book Giving Day special is connecting with others from around the world who are giving books to kids!

Click here to add your story, from 21st February 2013 until 21st March 2013.

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Celebrating International Book Giving Day 2013 2013-02-21 12:21:13 Amy
Commented by Amy    February 21, 2013

Thank you!

Thanks again for filling in for me for the interview! You did a fantastic job. Did it feel more or less awkward to leave books in a park than in the waiting rooms? I have fun leaving books with my oldest son because he now thinks leaving books in waiting rooms is completely normal. (My daughter was more tentative.) -Amy

Owner's reply

Hi Amy - it was my pleasure!
Hmm slightly more awkward in the park I think, but only because we did the waiting room last year too, so we were a little more practised! The mystery of who has picked up the books, is quite an intriguing part of it!

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Celebrating International Book Giving Day 2013 2013-02-21 08:37:49 Cool Mom/StanleyAndKatrina
Commented by Cool Mom/StanleyAndKatrin    February 21, 2013

So sweet!

Wow, I love the way you left books in a park!

Owner's reply

Thanks! It was definitely fun to nestle them in the seats of swings, and at the tops of slides.

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