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Reading Matters The Inbetween Years - A Reading List

The Inbetween Years - A Reading List Hot

The Inbetween Years - A Reading List

The in-between years. You know the ones ... they've grown out of Enid Blyton (but still love to sneak in to them every now and again!), but aren't quite mature enough for all the delights that YA literature has to offer.

What books should they head for?

Here are my top fiction recommendations for the aged 11+ category, all recent releases. Great reads; challenging, warm and gripping.

Clicking on the links will take you to MBC's full review, plus the nifty book price comparison so you can grab a good deal. 

The Murder Most Unladylike series - new to the scene from author Robin Stevens. Murder mysteries solved by two female friends who go to boarding school together. The setting changes with each book; fabulous mysteries, great plots and intriguing characters. Book 3 is already out, with more in the pipeline.

Anyone But Ivy Pocket - a quirky and very unlikely heroine. Elements of mystery, adventure and fantasy. 

Scarlet Ibis from the talented Gill Lewis, a wonderfully touching novel about the relationship between a sister and her younger brother.

The Secret Hen House Theatre - wholesome adventure novel set on a farm. Highly recommended. There's a sequel too. 

Counting by 7s - Willow's adoptive parents are killed in a car crash. Surrounded by a range of delightfully quirky characters she learns to trust again in order to rebuild her life.

Maggot Moon - this multi-award winning dystopia novel from Sally Gardner features dyslexic Standish Treadwell struggling to survive in Zone 7.

The Meaning of Maggie - this is 12 year old Maggie's journal. Confident, likeable Maggie whose dad has developed MS. Comedic moments intertwined with realism - a compelling read. 

Looking At The Stars - when civil war breaks out 13 year old Amina must flee her country. Heading to a refugee camp, this is her story. Expertly told.

Whale Boy - Michael is in a race against time to save the first whale to enter the ocean near Liberty in many years.  A wonderfully lyrical and atmospheric tome.

Rooftoppers - Sophie is determined to find her mother. Her quest takes her to Paris, where she discovers a whole new world ... on the roof tops. Magical, poignant and compelling. 

Looking for more recommendation? Click here or post your question below.

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The Inbetween Years - A Reading List 2015-09-29 19:40:55 maddy@writingbubble
Commented by maddy@writingbubble    September 30, 2015

looks good!

My son is approaching this reading stage and this looks like a good list to explore! #readwithme

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The Inbetween Years - A Reading List 2015-09-28 11:16:29 chantelle hazelden
Commented by chantelle hazelden    September 28, 2015

fab list

Great list and lots I've not heard of, thanks for sharing with #readwithme

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The Inbetween Years - A Reading List 2015-09-28 09:42:21 Iona@redpeffer
Commented by Iona@redpeffer    September 28, 2015


I've not heard of many of these. My daughter is beginning to reach this in-between stage so I'll be coming back to take another look and add some tittles to a Christmas list :)

Owner's reply

Hi Iona, yes many of these are recent releases. There are some fabulous titles out there are the moment - great time to be a reader!!!

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The Inbetween Years - A Reading List 2015-09-28 06:43:27 Catherine @ Story Snug
Commented by Catherine @ Story Snug    September 28, 2015

Murder Most Unladylike

I've read lots of great reviews about Robin Stevens' books. I really must put them on my Christmas wishlist :)

Owner's reply

They are truly lovely Catherine ... and latest news is they are coming to the big screen too!

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The Inbetween Years - A Reading List 2015-09-25 10:38:05 griselda heppel
Commented by griselda heppel    September 25, 2015


This is a super list, with 2 of my favourite books (Murder Most Unladylike, Rooftoppers)on it. I thing R J Palacio's extraordinary 'Wonder' would fit too. Great to find someone highlighting this 'In-between' stage - the magic, fun and adventure of MG books combined with thought-provoking themes. This is the age I write for, 10-14 years: Ante's Inferno (inspired by Dante) and, just published, The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst (a take on the Faust legend). Not published in Australia alas.

Owner's reply

Thank you! Wonder will most definitely fit, a truly brilliant novel.

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