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Reading Matters Best Homemade Costumes for World Book Day

Best Homemade Costumes for World Book Day Hot

Best Homemade Costumes for World Book Day


Yep, World Book Day - a day guaranteed to spark fear in the hearts of any parent who is, urm, challenged in the sewing department.

NB: 1st March 2015 for Australia, USA and many countries, however it is the Thursday 5 March 2015 for UK & Ireland. 

Fear not parents, I've got a fab handful of solutions for you.

I've scoured the internet to discover these wonderful creations ... they are awesome.

And the best bit? They range from the

'My! How on earth did they do that?!', to the

'I can pull that off the night before - phew!'

You're welcome!!

Let's start you off gently. How about the Saucepan Man from The Faraway Tree. Foil. Saucepans. Easy peasy ... 

Saucepan Man

 If you don't want to go head to toe ... how about one of these fab Wild Things Masks, from the wonderful Maggie at Red Ted Art? 



or, design your own Oliver and the Seawigs, urm, wig! The kids get to colour and design this one too which is even better. You just need to download & print the PDF from the website of the wonderful illustrator, Sarah McIntyre.

Oliver Seawigs

The quickest costume EVER - this one is perfect for those who don't really like to dress up too much. A wocket ... in a pocket, can't go wrong with Dr Seuss. Genius! 



Chanel the diva within and go as Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy


Ok. Let's step it up a gear. Who doesn't like Greg? How about a Wimpy Kid costume?? 

Wimpy Kid

For the little ones, this is just so much fun! Mr Bump ... a full tutorial too ... 

Mr Bump

 I've got you hooked now right?

Just. Too. Amazing ... white from Narnia *sigh* The tutorial does make it sound achievable ... 



Just. Too. Cute. Why should babies miss out on World Book Day

Hungry Caterpillar


And finally. How about this version of The Gruffalo? The best thing about this one ... easy to put on, easy to take off and has a use beyond the day itself. Perfect!


I'd love to know which one you've decided on.

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Best Homemade Costumes for World Book Day 2014-02-26 14:40:26 sarahhillwheeler
Commented by sarahhillwheeler    February 27, 2014

Glad we are passed that stage, as WBD costume always gave me a major headache, but these are some inspiring the Mr Bump think I could have managed taht one!

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Best Homemade Costumes for World Book Day 2014-02-25 16:08:39 rebecca
Commented by rebecca    February 26, 2014

Oh my! These are SO CUTE! The Fancy Nancy one reminds me of Pinkalicious (which would be a fun costume too). Thanks for sharing. I found you via Jump Into A Book.

Owner's reply

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for popping by & leaving your comments.

That Fancy Nancy one is pretty good - I think even I could put that together ... sometimes its just the inspiration that is needed!!


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