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Welcome! I'm Emma Perryalt

No doubt you LOVE books right?

Me too!

I'm here to help you find the best books.

I've created this gorgeous haven where I hand pick fabulously inspiring literature from 0 through to YA.

Read, devoured, explored & poured over ~ these are books you are going to love.

I believe passionately in inspiring readers

Getting lost in a wonderful book; not wanting a book to end; feeling the power of a truly great book; those are wonderful experiences I'd love everyone to experience ... it just takes the discovery of the right tome.

Well, that's what I'm all about.

In a nutshell I'll help you get to that moment ... with plenty more of them to come.

I help you save money

I've got wonderful techie support who have created our very, very popular online book price comparison. Make sure you've got your country selected ... and away you go.

It's a great little time, & money, saving device.

I'm always getting excited about a simply fabulous new book, author or great piece of bookish news. My Book Corner newsletter subscribers are always the first to know, feel free to join them ...

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The Formal Bit

I am Emma Perry; graduate in English Literature (BA Hons), an English Literature & Language Secondary School teacher, a Primary School teacher, freelance book reviewer, book lover, urm, you are spotting that theme right?!

The books featured on these pages can come from a variety of sources. The two places are my fabulous local library (gotta love libraries) & the publishers themselves. At no point am I under any obligation to feature reviews of books that I don't believe passionately in.

I make it a rule never to put a book on our webpage that I don't whole-heartily recommend, love & adore.

It's worked out pretty well so far!


Yep, I've included affiliate links on these pages. That means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase; it really does help keep My Book Corner going. I totally appreciate your support!

Questions & queries can be directed to me personally via the Contact Page.

I can also be found within the pages of the following, sharing my knowledge of great literature ...

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